The secret recipe for a good event is cooking properly and caring about your clients interest. The execution of proper cooking techniques, the correct seasonings, and the attention to details, helps pull entire meals together. This is a core foundation for all of our meals, bakery work, and events.

Here is a little bit of what others are saying about our cooking:


"I have eaten at over ten of their events, the food and service is always amazing." - Keith R. Schaumburg, IL


"We recently had a retreat held at XXXXXXXXXXX,  sponsored by our religious community. All our meals at breakfast and lunch for 2 days were prepared by this pleasant Executive Chef we call Vince. All the meals were scrumptious. But since I am not fond of eating soup,  I tried to get myself a small bowl of his lentil soup. Boy!  I never tasted one so good! The soup had a pleasant peppery aroma,  a light, bright and rich flavor and the texture was a bit different.  It tasted kind of earthy with a meaty aftertaste. I have never tasted a soup as this! I think I had 2 servings of this soup.. This time a larger bowl! " -  Rubi D. Philippines / Willowbrook, IL 

"It's simple, Entrée Food Services is cooking at a high level. They are serving world class food." Dave L. Racine, WI

"One of the side dishes that the Executive Chef (EFS Chef Vince) prepared for our retreat meal was creamed spinach.  As a kid,  I have always loved eating spinach.  But his recipe made me loved it even more.  And it was a hit at the luncheon with all the other participants. It was extra creamy and the spinach was not soggy at all.  It was perfectly decadent! The best creamed spinach ever!" -  Rubi D. Philippines / Willowbrook, IL 

"I have eaten Chef Vince's tenderloins, both pork and beef, and he is a master with meats. Very tasty every time." - Chuck B. Barrington, IL


"Be sure to try their bakery products, they are amazing. I order weekly, delivered right to my door. Hand crafted artisan desserts for $25 a week, what a treat. Each box is different - treat your family - I highly recommend this." - Leslie G. Mount Prospect, IL

"I get desserts delivered to our office for client's and staff. Their bakery products are excellent. I like that they curate different desserts each week for us. Always a treat opening that box. I would  recommend their bakery delivery service." - Richard M. The Loop, Chicago, IL

Recipe Share. Many have asked about our blueberry muffins, like, "what's in them?"  Rollover the picture below to see the ingredients. 

3 cups


3 cups


2 tsp.


1 cup


2 tsp.


2 tbsp.


1½ cups