We are an American Indian owned craft bakery. We would note, this is a premium dessert product, this quality does come with a price. 


We are managed by a Native American Executive Chef. We are the 1st to offer such products. We take great pride in serving only the best products possible.


Our product supply chain has been harvested over the past 10 years of business. We offer exclusive Native American ingredients. Our recipes are over 30 years old and time tested.


We offer specialized donuts, cakes, and various dessert/breads. On the donuts, we offer yeast, raised, filled, fritters, and cake based products. We offer non-GMO products served without fillers, without bleached flour, and we have no harmful preservatives.


We incorporate pure Native American maple syrup, honey, cinnanmon, and other exclusive ingredients. Our sole mission is to deliver to you - real premium Native Donut products. We use a premium native canola oil, which is changed every two hours; so the taste results are clean and pure.


We run small craft batches three times a day. The way we like to do business is we call each client, personally, and verify your order. If you are in the Chicago region, we have a delivery driver deliver your products. If you are a national consumer, we overnight, or two day your product. You decide how fast you want your craft Native Donuts. 


Please send use an email or reserve your dozen of donuts on line here. See more here.

Native Craft Desserts

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