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We are the proprietor of a cleaner food supply chain (American Indian Tribes). We work with small niche tribal farming sources to secure products, which are beyond organic in terms of quality and nutritional value.

Our business model is anchored throughout the United States. We mostly do not deal with commercial farming operations.

We oppose farming techniques which have a reliance on heavy chemical/pesticide utilization. We believe in clean farming techniques, which in some cases, are hundreds of years old in practice.

Our focus/mission is to provide fresh produce, grains, fruits, and meats from American Indian Tribes. We also offer finished products like 20 varieties of salads and fresh Native American Donuts delivered to your door. 

We offer to you the highest quality ingredients from private Tribal Farms from across the country. These farms are not open to the public.

We deliver to clients some of the best (most nutrient rich) food sources available in the USA. If you want to learn more, or secure some products for yourself, please utilize the contact section of our website.

"Native" Beyond Organic

Our business model for Native Beyond Organic is simple; "Eat Better" with us.

The food industry, as you may be aware, has veered way off the tracks in terms of the quality of the supply chain. There are chickens being injected for meat growth, there are vegetables being sprayed with pesticides, there is heavy soil erosion and degradation. Manifesting healthy produce or proteins out the American food supply chain is becoming more difficult.

Our business Corporate Executive Chef Vince has direct knowledge about the American food supply chain. As such, we offer a better supply chain in the context.

Commentary from Chef Vince


As I have prepared foods for clients, I am shocked sometimes at the food quality which the American public is consuming.

I have had to discard raw food products, on many occasions, simply because it did not meet my personal standards of quality as a chef.

I know there is a better way to eat, I do it myself. So we have created that platform, and it is our Native Beyond Organic model.

Our model is unique because for the first time in our history, as a country (USA), this untapped market is open to the public through our Native American business model. As such, when you purchase products through us, you are fueling a cleaner food chain model, and you're eating better. 

Chef Vince
Find out more on the American food system

As most Americans know, the American food system is faced with a lot of challenges, which will not be mastered within our lifetime. This is why we believe so strongly in our approach/business model. Moving to our cleaner, healthier model, is simply a better choice. 

As such, we wanted to share some of this information with you, more as an awareness issue. The facts are real and documented.


Contained here is not information that we created, this comes from other independent sources.

You can make a difference

If you like the idea of buying and supporting a cleaner food supply chain, get involved.